Pretty Green

Here is a weird A Capella cover of Paradise by Coldplay that somehow has 4 million views on youtube.

I don’t get life sometimes. I don’t quite get why things happen in the way they do. I really don’t. Such as when a company lays off employee’s who are eager to work there for the sole reason of reporting a record profit for a quarter in a down economy. And then there are things like this A Capella video cover of Coldplay’s Paradise by beatboxing that I just don’t get. Maybe you do. Maybe you’re like this doesn’t matter in the slightest why do you even give a shit, and you might be right. But just as you have your opinion I too have mine.

My beef is white people beat boxing. And when you’re very white like this kid (I am very white as well) there are certain things that make you look absolutely hilarious to people who recognize what you are doing in a historical context. I mean, are we really re-visiting the 80’s police academy thing here? I guess you can. And why not.  Because he’s the dude with over 100 million hits on youtube and I’m this guy sitting in a coffee shop writing on a britpop blog about a scene that died 15 years ago.

You can buy the real song Paradise by Coldplay on Amazon right here