Pretty Green

Here Are Three Great Songs By The Last Shadow Puppets

Britpop BFFs Alex Turner and Miles Kane are more than just mates, they’re also sometimes bandmates. The two often collaborate on each other’s respective albums and in 2007 they joined forces to form the mod revival group The Last Shadow Puppets. The output blends big symphonic sounds, elegant production, retro melodies, and beautifully harmonized vocals. Their voices were just made for this sound. Here are three great tracks from their debut album, The Age of the Understatement. We can only hope they release a follow-up album in the not too distant future.

The Age of the Understatement

The eponymous single kicks off the album with a sonic boom, sounding like something straight out of a 1960s James Bond film. Alex and Mile’s voices merge flawlessly – a more natural sounding duo has never been heard. Bonus points for wearing the coolest jackets in the video (Pretty Green should look into the designs).


Meeting Place

Here’s an acoustic live performance of a downtempo song that has Alex and Miles trading vocals back and forth beautifully. They sound quite impeccable.


I Don’t Like You Anymore

This track gives the album some guts. It sounds like Miles Kane’s “Inhaler” re-envisioned for the Arctic Monkey’s Humbug album, with a splash of 60s experimentation. The song culminates with a remarkably frenetic ending. The live version is a little different from the recording, but both are great.