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Here Are 3 Great Charlatans B-Sides

The Charlatans have about 10,000 B-Sides. I lie, but they do have a lot.   Personally I feel nearly all of their output up to and including Us and Us Only was top notch and for any band to go through a stretch like that with me is quite a feat. I’ve killed myself on the sound so hardcore I needed to take a few years break from them, if you can believe that.

So with a bunch of b-sides out there where do you start?  Previously we told you about Who wants to know which was from the pre Some-Friendly single Indian Rope, and there is also a B-side album called “Songs from the other side” so please go check those out. But while we’re here lets listen to 3 great Charlatans B-sides you should know about too.

Taurus Moaner

Taurus Moaner is a punchy little B-side from the “Then” single released in 1990. Lacking any guitar for a good minute. The interesting part for me as a guitarist is that the same run used at 1:34 is also one from Made of Stone and Supersonic. It’s a fairly standard run so it’s not that impressive but I take note. It doesn’t exactly fit in the soundscape of  the album Some Friendly but it’s such a good song you can tell why it needed to be released.

Occupation H. Monster

Occupation H. Monster is a song from the Me In Time non-album single. It was released inbetween the Some Friendly and Between the 10th and the 11th albums and holds this inbetween sound. The band had parted ways with John Baker  and in this time was Mark Collins. The more intricate guitar playing is present right from the start and you almost just get the feeling this is the band learning about each other’s playing style.  It’s some of my favorite guitar chops from Mark – at least his tone’s. They’re shit hot here.

Stir it up

My mood changes daily but this song for years has ranked as the top b-side. To me I feel this song is the last scream from their “Madchester” sound as it brings together many of the elements from that scene. After this the Charlatans sound swung in a different direction to go with the “Britpop” tide. (and not in a bad way)