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Hi everyone! It’s me! ME! Jamie! I’ve been away from things because of how awesome Maria is. So hello from the past!

She’s awesome!

Some background on what has been going on here, feel free to skip over it.

I say this because she’s taken over most of the news stories and hopefully you’re enjoying her stuff as much as I do. I’ve had a lot of work for my business come up and haven’t had enough time to tend to the site as I like for writing. I have been out doing stuff on twitter, facebook and elsewhere to promote the site. Anyways Maria is I feel a better writer than myself. I’ve been able to do this because over time we’ve managed to eek out just enough for me to pay maria an amount worthy of her time.  Otherwise the site, like so many other websites out there, would have gone barren. And I think that would be a great tragesty. I mean I like running the site and doing marketing of it, and I like maria, annie’s, elena, ditha, and everyone else’s writing and for us to have an outlet is great. I’d love to have them write more, but I’m not a multimillionaire and as it stands I don’t make money on the site. I’m not here to make lots of money, anyone who runs a website on their own that doesn’t sell a product will tell you how nearly impossible it is to make even the smallest amount off of it. So truthfully I just want to us  to write/talk about britpop and pay for our time that wont send us into poverty.

How to support BPN

That leads me to my point of this story.

I can’t ask you to do anything with the ad’s on site that are brought to you by the Big G because that is against terms of service. So, please don’t go clicking them willy nilly thinking it helps. It ends up hurting me if you did. I make very little off of them anyways as anyone will tell you with that. But there are other things. The things I can tell you about is the stuff on the side. I have chosen three advertisers I like, and whose products I myself have used in the past. Further they have made it possible to pay Maria because anything I make off them far exceeds the other advertising. How it works is I don’t get paid for a click I make a slight amount if you make a purchase. So, if you’re interested in getting your resume redone go do it (here are some Testimonials if you don’t believe me how amazing they are), or new clothes (Pretty Green – mens clothing from Liam Gallagher) I cannot recommend these places enough though please click through here first.

Lastly, and I should admit I feel slightly silly for this, but I have considered a kickstarter because everyone does it for everything. I’m putting together what value you as a reader would get by donating money to the cause but some part of me feels silly in it. We really wouldn’t need much and I think considering we’ve hit over 100,000 people on the year some portion of us (along with me putting in) could get their collectively.

Let me know what you think, feel or even if you just want to chat!