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Help Northern Uproar Make Their Album And Get A Signed Copy!

We’ve spoken a little about Northern Uproar before – (as a joke) so you might know of them. It was a bit of a harsh joke, but I truly do love the music they made. If Northern Uproar is unfamiliar to you fear not because I’m here to tell you about them, why they’ll be your favorite new “old” band, and you’ll be able to help them make a new album! What a day!

Hailing from Manchester Northern Uproar were one of the first Noel Gallagher shout out’s and were deservedly so. They had the look, they had the hooks, and …the books? I don’t know about the books but I’m sure Leon – that’s their lead singer – read quite a few. Maybe. I don’t know. But I do know they had a few “hits” really early on. The first song “From A Window” you can listen to below; and I highly suggest you listen to this one folks. I fucking love this song.

Another song you’ll want to listen to is just as good and called “Rollercoaster“. Follow that link for the song. If you’ve got the keen ear you’ll notice a really similar production sound to the Manic Street Preachers and that’s because James Dean Bradfield the singer for the Mancis produced the album with Dave Enriga doing Co-production work. So to put things in simpler terms Northern Uproar were this total convergence of the britpop sound going on at the time. This is why I said you’ll love it. Their second album was not quite the follow up most bands hope for, but even still had a few quality songs. The real problem they faced was that the “Brit-Pop” thing had become passe to the press (fuck the press).What eneded up happening is they like so many bands of that time created a few hits then promptly took their money rolled around in it quite a bit laughing all the while like a mad king. Don’t hate, you would too. So then, of course, after 10 years of doing that they decided that was good enough and decided to make a few follow up albums. Hence this post and why I’m telling you this. Go spend 12 pounds and help a band get back into things.