Pretty Green

Have you heard this Beady Eye set from Ibiza Rocks?

In July 2013, Liam Gallagher and Co. (err, that’s Beady Eye) played a show at the Ibiza Rocks festival. The band sounded great and looked cool as hell, even if Liam sounded like he needed a nice chamomile tea (sorry to say). I’m on the fence about the latest Beady Eye album, but I do love the song “Just Sayin”. Here’s their Ibiza Rocks version. Liam’s still got swagger at the very least! You can bet he will party on Ibiza Holidays 2014 with the rest of the crew.

What do you think? Would you go to the 2014 Ibiza Rocks festival? It’s a shame Noel Gallagher sold his Ibiza vacation home or else you could catch some tunes while trying to catch a glimpse of the legend. If you’re looking for a trip to the island for some nightlife, shopping, or music, check out Ibiza.