Pretty Green

Have You Heard The New Miles Kane Song “Give Up”?

Welcome to first volley from 2013 folks. This song is from none other than the office favorite: Miles Kane. Still retaining that psychedelic sound Miles has this time around added a bit of oomph to his sound. Some might even say “balls”.  Though to be honest this is in the realm of the song he wrote on the previous album, Inhaler.

The song starts off with a really slick guitar run leading into the opening salvo of lyrics that are a bit naff for me. I’m not a fan of that straight forward “people call me” things. Feel free to disagree. Maybe it’s too “Britney”, I don’t know, but I just don’t like that style. My dislike doesn’t last long as the chorus settles the matter and it brings round to a little more hands in the air exhilaration we’ve come to known and expect from our kid.

What do you think of the new song? Do you like it?

From Miles Kane Facebook page “Give Up – as heard on Radio 1 this morning.”