Pretty Green

Have You Heard The ‘Be Here Now’ Demo’s?

Ahh the glory of Youtube. The great bastion of “demo’s” and rare tracks. With one fell swoop it killed the Bootleg business. Sorry Will, you got loads of cash from me in the 90’s so you didn’t do too bad. Back to the music. To be totally fair I think these songs are mostly finished demo’s and probably just guides for Liam’s Vocals. Noel has been known at times to completely record an album and then present it to the band and the parts like the solo’s and even rhythm guitars are noticeable in the (terrible quality) mix. Personally I liked hearing “I hope, I think, I know” sung by Noel. Hopefully we can see these and other songs make it to some 20th-30th-40th anniversary of the band.

My Big Mouth Demo

Stand by Me Demo

Magic Pie Demo

I Hope I Think I Know Demo