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Have You Heard Pulp’s Party Clowns: Live in London 1991?

Pulp Party  Clowns Album Cover

Have you heard the live Pulp album, Party Clowns: Live in London 1991? If not, put on your headphones and head over to iTunes or Spotify immediately.Somehow I missed this release last year, and as a dedicated Pulp fan, I’m quite disappointed in myself. I shall redeem myself by listening to it on repeat for the next week.

Party Clowns captures a live recording of 1991 concert at London’s Town & Country Club in Kentish Town and was originally broadcast on the BBC as part of a series called Class of ’91. I’ve heard many Pulp bootlegs and live recordings, but never these particular versions.

Jarvis’ voice sounds impeccable and comfortable, with charmingly eccentric banter between songs. The phenomenal set list features some of the best songs from early in the Pulp discography, like Space, Death II, Live On, and an early version of 1994’s hit Babies. Not many bands sound so good so early in their career, but Pulp doesn’t disappoint.

Take a listen and tell me – what do you think?


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