Pretty Green

Happy New Year! Lets talk about the next!

This year has been really great for the site. From a first post made a mere 8 months to today we’ve grown by an amount I didn’t think possible in such a time.

First and foremost it’s all because of the rad people who visit each day. When I started I wasn’t sure how big of an audience there was. We like a musical scene that’s not around as it once was. There aren’t many new bands starting up and the older ones have flamed out, or just don’t make albums. So, thanks to the ones who email. The ones who like posts on facebook. The ones who retweet – and there are so many I want to mention a few here who have just gone above and beyond with that: @stoneroses1989, @daciamarie, @demmysm, @romeogirl2010, @Delflevalle, @phillimess, @444goal, @She_SoYoung. When I wake up in the morning and see our tweets retweeted because you read the stories and liked them enough to do that it means so much I can’t put it to words properly.

In response to all of that we’ve tried to focus the content a little to make things less “here’s a youtube” video. While that’s great I’ve found that looking through all our most read stories there are common connections.  I do think the content we’ve done is leaps and bounds above other sites, but there’s always work to be done and improve upon. So as you may have noticed this past week you’ll be seeing us going back through older albums for review. In addition to that we’ve started work on a top 100 albums of the 90’s. Up after that will be a Top Britpop albums and then after that a Madchester one. I’ve also opened up the navigation a bit so hopefully in time you’ll be able to find the good stuff we’ve done – like the comedy section. If there’s new (old) music you wanted to find out about rest assured in 2013 you will become an expert. I hope you like it.

All of this wouldn’t be here (now) without the help of our friend Lady K whom you can follow on twitter here and also my better half.  Both are amazing and both are far better writers than myself. I guess I should say you can also find me here, but I’m far more boring than the previous two. Also, you’ll see a post come up in the next few days with an offer to help out on the site if you want to do that as well.

So Tonight/Today/Morning to you I raise a glass of thanks – Thanks so much.  You (brit)rock.