Pretty Green

Graham Coxon Still Has “It”. And Those Glasses Too.

Totally love those glasses. So did you know Graham is still working on music? I fell off the wagon (SORRY!) a few years back. Holy Smeg this guy just can’t NOT make music, can he? I mean this dude has played before insane amounts of people but is still totally and completely content with playing smaller venues for his solo tours (at least in the states). Is he one of those I don’t play for the money but for the love of music types? He’s crafted pop tune after pop tune with distinct enough melodies (bittersweet and coffee and tv not with standing) and subtle guitar tone changes to make his sound fresh with each album. It’s quite astounding he hasn’t burnt out. Did damon keep him under his thumb for that long? With that said, I believe Seven Naked Valleys is a pretty damn good song. You should check it out.