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Graham Coxon And Tim Wheeler To Write Songs For Movie

A story came out 2 weeks ago about Graham Coxon of Blur and Solo fame, and Tim Wheeler of Ash writing the soundtrack for a movie centered around the brit-pop era. I’ve already written my thesis on why this stuff should happen so no rehashing stuff there.

The details are: ” The film is set in 1996 – the heyday of both Blur and Ash – and will feature the exploits of a group on the rise in the British music scene. The story bears resemblance to that of Graham’s band, as in the movie, the group come from Colchester, Essex, Southern England – where Graham and Blur singer Damon Albarn first met as children.

The team behind the film describe it as a ”non-conventional Britpop teen musical.””

The film, set in 1996, follows a young band from Colchester, Essex and centres around a 16-year-old boy who encounters relationships and sex for the first time as his band, The Wanderers, try to become the next big Britpop sensation, Screen Daily said.

Hasn’t this movie been made by Tom Hanks already? Oh right the band’s name was the wonders. Man, come on Graham. This thing better be good because it just lost a little cred there being so close to that other movie.

There is currently, of course, no name for the movie.

What do you think? Worth it or not? I say to hell with it and make tons of movies. Even if they suck it’s still better than half the other stuff out there.