Pretty Green

Gig Review – Suede and Palma Violets


Even as a hardened Suede fan I find it hard to defend A New Morning. Obsessions is pretty good and Positivity is sweet as well. Aside from that I much prefer the album that Brett made with Bernard in 2005 Here Come The Tears. That is much closer to the classic Suede sound for me.

Barriers is a tune I fell in love with straight away though and there is no doubt that it will be the first song Suede play tonight. It is a brilliant way to herald a new era for the band. I have previously heard It Starts And Ends With You and For The Strangers but both of those have so far failed to register with my memory cells. Even after hearing them played tonight I couldn’t hum them to you. Sabotage is brilliant – really looking forward to hearing the album version of this!

As it turns out the first band on were the Palma Violets! This would give me a chance to check out a band that I’ve only really heard of through Britpop News.

Well, they kind of remind me of when I was 20 and playing in bands. 10 out of 10 for heart but maybe minus points for tunes and execution. Fair play to them really, it must be exciting to be young with a record contract.

Simon Price is here! I’m too shy to ask him if he’s doing an updated version of his 1999 book about the Manics ‘Everything’. When I first saw Suede it was at V99 and I had gone mainly to see the Manics.

Nice to see Simon Price grooving to So Young! We got about four newies off of Bloodsports and four oldies. But boy did they rip the roof off with the oldies. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear Animal Nitrate, it will always give me a chemical rush. There is no Trash, no Saturday Night. Just a thankyou from the warm up guy and we take to the streets very happy that the future looks bright for Suede.