Pretty Green

Gig Review – Suede Alexandra Palace 30/03/13


I had been to the Ally Pally once before in 2005 to see Embrace and my memory of it was that the sound was echoey and not really clear enough. Therefore I told my companion to the Suede gig that it was vitally important that we should get as close to the stage as possible. Also, there’s nowhere else at a Suede gig I’d rather be than right down the front.

Some music is for the head and some is for the hips but Suede manage to be both. Their music makes me feel physical, and I am far from physical in my day to day life.

As I’d hoped there was a fantastic atmosphere with the fellow Suede nuts. As Bodies by the Sex Pistols rang out over the PA the excitement grew. First Simon took to the drums to many cheers and then the whole band leapt into Barriers – the song that announced their comeback earlier in the year.

Playing the first three songs from their new record Bloodsports at the start of the set was a brave move, but one which typically Suede pulled off with style. It helps that the new songs are fantastic of course and we uninhibitedly yelped along with Brett.

Then things got massive. Animal Nitrate, Metal Mickey and We Are The Pigs. An amazing trio by anyone’s standards. Then to mark 20 years since the release of their debut album the band played Sleeping Pills which was woozy and dreamy as ever.

And so it continued. Other highlights of course being The Wild Ones, Killing Of A Flashboy and Pantomime Horse. No He’s Dead sadly but there was more than enough good material to make up for it.

Sadly we left after Pantomime Horse because of train paranoia. As it turns out one of my twitter friends did miss her last train home so I felt I’d done the right thing but I was denied Can’t Get Enough, Trash and (another personal favourite) New Generation.

There were a lot of cameras around so hopefully there’ll be a DVD at some point!