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Get Involved With The Great British Fairness Debate

DSC_0134Attention coffee lovers! Today is the first day of the Great British Fairness Debate, a two-week campaign brought to us by the Fairtrade Foundation. The Debate seeks to change the behaviours of people up and down the country and have us consider the question: Are we really as fair as we think we are? Over the next two weeks, we will debate and re-evaluate our perception of personal fairness, and, hopefully be inspired to change our ways of thinking.

The Fairtrade Foundation’s credo is that one small act of fairness, such as switching your morning coffee to a Fairtrade brand, can positively impact many lives, and the Debate will show us how making one small change to our daily routines can make real change to farmers’ lives.

For the next two weeks, the Fairtrade Foundation will be conducting a series of provocative and revealing social experiments which will shed light on the issues of fairness and trade justice in the coffee industry.

To stay up-to-date with all the planned events, both online and off, check out the Great British Fairness Debate website. The website will set you straight on what Fairtrade does, and how a simple switch to fair products can provide better welfare for the coffee farmers. Once you’ve read about fairness in the coffee industry, take the Great British Fairness Test to evaluate your personal response to the issue. Get the Debate started by sharing your results on social media. Then, if you’re ready to act fair, as well as think fair, take the Fairtrade Pledge. Once you have taken the pledge, you can enter daily prize draws. Check the site every day for more videos and opportunities to take part in the Great Debate.

One of this year’s celebrity spokespeople is the Charlatans’ frontman, Tim Burgess. Tim has been responsible for his own brand of Fairtrade coffee, Tim Peaks, since 2011.

The Great British Fairness Debate runs from Monday, September 29 to Sunday, October 12.

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