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The Gentlemen’s Guide To Buying Sexy Lingerie For Your Lady Valentine

The Gentlemen's Guide To Buying Sexy Lingerie For Your Lady Valentine



If you’ve decided that you want to buy your significant other some alluring lingerie pieces for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to know how to shop for these pieces. As a man, you may feel a little uncomfortable in the Intimate Wear section of the women’s department. However, keeping these do’s and dont’s in mind will ensure that you purchase a gift that both you and your lady will enjoy.

Do:Know Her Measurements 

Before you venture into the world of lingerie; you should know your lady’s bra measurements. Even if you only know her bra size, this is usually enough information for a retail associate to help you find the right panties or teddies for your sweetie. If you don’t know the actually size number, you’ll need to describe the size of your mate’s bust to the sales associate. For instance, if your sweetie’s breasts are the size of lemons, she likely wears an A cup bra. If her breasts are closer to the size of melons, she probably needs a bra in a C or D cup.

Don’t:Choose Lingerie Pieces that Accentuate Her “Flaws”

While you may feel that your partner’s body is completely beautiful, pay attention when she says she doesn’t like a part of her body. Choose lingerie pieces that are sexy and make your lady Valentine feel comfortable. If she’s not completely proud of her midsection, choose a teddy that closes in the middle. If she doesn’t like clothing that accentuates her hips, stay away from corsets, which make the waist the small so that the hips will stand out. When your honey feels at ease with the lingerie you’ve chosen, she’ll be eager to put it on.

Do: Buy Lingerie Based on Her Personality 

While you definitely want to see your Valentine looking great in her new lingerie, keep in mind that your sense of style when it comes to lingerie is likely very different from hers. Consider your significant other’s personality when you’re shopping for intimate apparel.

If you know your sweetie would love lace boyshorts and a bra in the same color for an enticing but easygoing look, purchase this instead of the pair of thongs and a tightly fitting halter/corset that you like. Remember, you’re presenting the gift to her, so you want to make sure she’ll actually enjoy it.

Don’t: Forget the Accessories

Don’t simply give your Valentine a few lingerie sets and feel that your gift is complete. Make the gift even sweeter by giving her a pair of high heels to go with the lingerie, a feather boa or a quality bottle of perfume or body lotion. This sends the message that you want to create a fun and sexy experience with your lady–and the fun may begin sooner than you think!

Do: Present the Gift Beautifully

Finally, in addition to including additional small gifts with your lingerie present, give your sweetie the gift-wrapped in a nice package or decorative gift bag with a bow. Your significant other will appreciate the fact that you took the time to make the gift look nice–this effort is almost as meaningful as the actual present.

These tips will arm you with the information you need to step confidently into the nearest lingerie store and come out with pieces that will make Valentine’s Day extra special for you and your honey. Happy shopping!