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Gem Archer ‘Match Fit’ And Ready For Beady Eye Tour

GemArcherGem Archer has opened up for the first time about the injuries that put Beady Eye on a summer hiatus, causing cancellations in Belgium, Japan, and the V Festival. Archer spoke to the NME before Beady Eye’s first concert of their autumn UK and Ireland tour. The tour kicked off at the Dublin Olympia last Thursday, November 7. Archer is now fully-recovered and he told the magazine about his home accident in August, resulting in hospitalization and a long recovery.

‘The odd thing is,’ he explained, ‘I can’t remember falling, or much after it. I was pretty serious, shall we say, and there are a lot of people affected by it, but it seems we’re through it. My wife, certainly, and the kids…It was something I wouldn’t wish on anybody. I almost feel I missed it all, but they didn’t — they went through it and it was horrible.’

He continued, ‘The second fall, two weeks after the first, I’ve since found out, isn’t that uncommon for people who’ve fractured their skull. Once you’ve had that, there is the chance of falling again and breaking an arm and/or a leg. At least I didn’t do both. It’s one of those things. You could think yourself into a corner with these things, worrying, but I’m not one of those guys. I’ve never broken a bone in my body before this summer, and now I know what it feels like. I’d hate to repeat it.’

Fortunately, Archer is now recovered and describes himself as ‘match fit’ before Beady Eye’s nine-date tour. ‘I am fine. In some ways more than fine…The weird thing is when I have my guitar strapped on I feel better than ever and walk around without even thinking about what I’m doing…I am definitely match fit for these gigs…Whether I’m completely recovered, that’s a different thing. For me, completely recovered would mean being able to run down the street faster than my son and I can’t yet, but maybe those days are over anyway?’

After Beady Eye hit Dublin and Glasgow, they will continue with stops in Leeds and Manchester, and end the tour in London on November 21. Archer promised that Beady Eye’s setlist will be different from the band’s shows earlier in the year. ‘We’ve rehearsed enough stuff to change it up…Even just for the band’s sake, it’s good to change things and put new songs in, and then there are a lot of people who have already seen us this year.’

On Thursday, Archer responded to fan queries via his Twitter, which now sports the aspirational bio line, ‘Crack on, just don’t end up in hospital.’ He gave some insights into the current tour. Apparently, the band have DJs opening their shows on this tour and, while they have no new material to debut, they will be doing cover material during their sets. Archer also admitted the three Beady Eye songs that he’s most looking forward to playing are ‘Flick Of The Finger,’ ‘Wigwam,’ and ‘I’m Just Saying.’ But, perhaps most importantly, his favorite flavor of crisps is pickled onion Monster Munch.

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