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Friday Flashback: Wake Up Boo! by the Boo Radleys

The Boo Radleys are one of those many British bands that are lost amid the legacy of the Britpop mainstays. But, anyone who can’t get a Paul McCartney melody out of their head would surely love them. The Boo Radleys carved a unique spot for themselves in the Britpop scene. They were such a mix of styles and influences that they actually fit into several other categories. Not only were they associated with Britpop, but they also had a place in the shoegaze and power-pop scenes of the 1990s. Still, they didn’t totally fit in with any of those styles, either. While they shared the bubblegum brightness of bands like the Lightning Seeds, they managed to combine that with a signature splash of Beatlesque psychedelia. ‘Wake Up Boo!’ was their biggest hit, both at home and internationally.

Britpopping since I first heard 'Animal Nitrate' in 1993