Pretty Green

Friday Flashback: Travis “All I Want To Do Is Rock” Video

REMEMBER THESE GUYS, YOU GUYS. You had me at Scottish rock band. Oh you scots and your scottishness. It’s all so. very. Scottish.

This video was my, and like many I assume, first introduction to Travis. The Noel Gallagher plugging surely helped too. My story of how I came across them is this: One night in 1997 while watching MTV’s 120 minutes with Matt Pinfield in the waning days of that once amazing program he dropped in this band whose lead singer had a killer voice, even if it was a bit like Thom Yorke. I’m sure every Travis fans head explodes at that comparison. Mine just did. I’m currently typing these words with my last remaining bits of life.

We all know what happened after with these guys, but this was the start. I was hooked (at least for a little while).

See you next week, maybe.