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Friday Flashback: ‘She Said’ by Longpigs

Ah, the underappreciated Longpigs! Sheffield is a city that has cultivated many amazing bands during the past thirty years, including the Human League, Pulp, and the Arctic Monkeys. There has even been a documentary called Made In Sheffield that chronicles their electronic music legacy.

Besides the bigger names, there are many other Sheffield bands that are worth another look. Longpigs formed in Sheffield with guitarist Richard Hawley and Crispin Hunt on vocals. ‘She Said’ was the band’s first single and, inexplicably, did not even crack the top 40. It wasn’t until their third single, ‘Far,’ that they just made the charts. ‘She Said’ was re-released the following year and made it to 16 in the UK charts.

What really made their music exciting was, in fact, the music. One listen to their debut, The Sun Is Often Out, and it would be hard to argue that they didn’t have one of the best guitarists around. After Longpigs disbanded, Hawley went on to take over for the departing Russell Senior on the last two Pulp albums. He continues to enjoy a very successful solo career.


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