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Meet Former Oasis Guitarist Bonehead’s New Band – Parlour Flames

Bonehead (also known by his real name Paul Arthurs) has popped up after a long hiatus with his newest project called “Parlour Flames“.   He formed the band with Vinny Peculiar a Salford-based singer songwriter.

You’ll remember Bonehead from being one of the original members of Oasis and lasting until the Standing On The Shoulder of Giants sessions when he left taking a base from a the PR manager playbook of “to be with family”. He was eventually replaced with Gem Archer. While not featured in Oasis you can see his chops in this rehearsal video.

The band released the song “Manchester Rain” on April 20th for the record store day promotion. The song evokes a much lighter sound than his previous efforts. The band describes themselves as a song based psychedelic art rock and I agree. The guitars are minimal and clean with a hint of pre-britpop 90’s jangle pop with eccentric and arts lyrics and soft melodies.

You can follow the band on twitter or on facebook.