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Fitness fashion: inspiration from the stars

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Fashion plays a major part in today’s modern world, and much of the American public takes its inspiration from both catwalk models and pop stars when it comes to selecting outfits that are on trend. An increasing number of people strive to look stylish no matter the occasion, including while working out at the gym or keeping fit in their local neighborhood. If you look good, you feel good, and therefore you will achieve the right frame of mind to place optimum effort into your exercise regime.

Fitness fashion has become all the rage in recent years, and pop videos such as Little Mix’s “Word Up” have heavily influenced styles. The 20-something stars show off their fantastic figures in 80s inspired, color-matching gym outfits of tight leggings or miniskirts and racer back crop tops. Staying on trend while working out does not have to be difficult, and there is an abundance of fashionable pieces that will suit your body type. Simply take inspiration from your favorite celeb and incorporate some of their styles into an outfit of your own.

Scary Spice, Mel B, is the queen of fitness fashion. Her style is very much loud and in your face. In spring 2014 she was papped leaving a West Hollywood gym wearing blue and white tie-dye print leggings, a sports bra, designer sunglasses and long blue socks. This just goes to show that gym outfits do not need to be plain and boring; it can be effortless to incorporate an element of your own personal taste to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Another perfect example of celebrity trendsetting is English rapper Tinie Tempah who has donned a pair of oversized glasses as his signature look for years. They started out as a fiver from Brick Lane market, but as his career progressed, he began to purchase pricier, higher end frames such as Ray-Ban, adding extra class to his outfit and setting his own unique look. In recent times, both men and women have followed iconic trends such as this.

No matter what background you come from, making the most of your appearance is essential to boosting confidence and feeling your best. Fashion can easily be achieved on a tight budget – you just need to know where to look. Several high street fashion retailers have been inspired by top designers and have incorporated elements of certain pieces into their brands to achieve the latest styles, appealing to the trend-conscious shopper. These days, it is possible to appear fashionable without having to break the bank. With the increase in online shopping, there are even specialist websites that provide you with valuable hints and tips to achieve a desired celebrity look on a budget.

Inline skating and rollerblading have come back into popularity in recent years, and expert websites now stock a vast range of sports gear that meet the needs of practicality and style at the same time. has some fantastic rollerblades for fitness fanatics, possessing a range of colors and designs.

All in all, fashion is key to our modern culture and how we are perceived among peers. Many of us crave a confidence boost from time to time, and a brand new outfit can accomplish just that. With an increase in celebrity obsession, it has never been easier to follow the latest trends and find a personal style suited to you.