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Fifteen Shades of Russell Senior

“I’ve got these mad staring eyes. At concerts people’d be dancing, but there’d be a pool of emptiness in front of me, with people looking terrified. I started wearing sunglasses so I wouldn’t disconcert people.” — Russell Senior

Sunglasses are the apex of style accessories, representing the perfect fusion of utilitarianism and style. A swathe of molded plastic, glass, and metal, they obscure the eyes from the sun’s harsh rays and create a suspicion of mystery and intrigue, like an urban masquerade. No one wears a pair of shades like Russell Senior, Pulp’s guitarist and violinist extraordinaire. He’s a self-proclaimed spec junky and has admitted he even displays his kitschy obsessions on special racks in his home. Russell Senior’s style leans heavily towards classic mod. Though the current retro trend seems to promote large, tinted-lensed 1970s glasses (such as those worn by Jarvis during the late 1990s), Russell prefers classic 1960s designs, smaller bold statements with bright colors, thick frames, and few angles or embellishments. Many of his pieces have sophisticated black frames with thick, shiny curves. Think cat’s eye and wayfarer styles. Russell’s sunglasses are a perfect complement to his well-tailored suits, safari jackets, and other sartorial choices.

Here are a few modtastic sunglass designs that are worthy of Russell Senior’s (or your!) fashionable tastes.


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