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Feeling down in the dumps? Bis will cheer you up!

“Have you heard of Bis?” Its one of my all time biggest let down questions when screening new people in conversation and scoring their coolness stats. Well, you may remember them from the britpop invasion of the 90’s. They were a band of 3 super cool ultra caffeinated misfits from Glasgow, Scotland. Their names were John Disco, Sci-Fi Steven, and Manda Rin. A Bis song was always meant to hit you like a fierce uppercut, leading you to pogo up and down in spastic form. But they were also designed to sweep you off your feet with a swift roundhouse to your ankles leaving you with no other choice but to jiggle your hips on the dancefloor. Wait. What’s That? Your inquiring mind still has no clue as to what that even sounds like? Well let me try a different approach. If bands were cereals, then lets say for our purposes here, that Nickleback were the equivalent of your Dads store brand Corn Flakes. Then by that same token, Bis would be an assorted funsize pack with such youth favorites as Count Chocula, Trix, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles and more. Bis hoverboarded Marty Mcfly style onto the scene in 1994, put out 3 full length albums: “The New Transistor Heroes”, “Social Dancing”, and “Return To Central”, plus a handful of sugary awesome EPS. There were no bands that sounded quite like them before, during, and after them. Simply for that, I miss them severely. If ever a day in my life comes and I meet someone who tells me they know Bis and are a big fan, then thats instant BFF status right there. I’m talking lifetime membership to my Ya-ya sisterhood status. I might even have to go Erika Christensen Swimfan status on them. Straight up. Because thats a keeper, and thats just how I roll. So here are the top 5 reasons why I’m not crazy. Or, top 5 reasons why you are the crazy one if this is the first time you are listening to this awesomeness.

5. Kandy Pop

4. Tell It To The Kids

3. Eurodisco

2. This Is Fake D.I.Y.

1. Famous

As a kid I used to listen to R&B and rap. Until Nirvana and Pearl Jam came out and I was all into that. Then one day Britpop was born and Noel Gallagher told me, "Don't look back" I also write songs and play bass in a gang called far*out.

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