Pretty Green

Fashionable Britpop Couples of Today and Yesterday

Unlike, say, grunge, Britpop (and British rock) is a genre with a real sense of fashion. It runs the gamut from the suave glamour of Brett Anderson to the smart and geeky duds of Jarvis Cocker or the rock ‘n roll stylings of the Gallagher brothers. We here at Britpop News appreciate a well-dressed rock star. Sometimes the best accessory is a fabulously dressed date on their arm. Here are some of our favorite fashionable couples of today and yesterday.

Alex Turner and Alexa Chung

Alex Turner and Alexa ChungAlex Turner and Alexa Chung 2

Unfortunately this genetically blessed pair is splitsville, but Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner and model Alexa Chung sure made a beautiful couple, didn’t they? Their fashion choices veered toward modern hipster with a retro flair. Very Topshop/Topman.

Miles Kane and Suki Waterhouse

Miles Kane and Suki WaterhouseMiles Kane and Suki Waterhouse 2

Another musician/model combo, this one more recent. Miles Kane and model Suki Waterhouse make no apologies for their love of 60s clothing and they wear it well. Well done, kids.

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd George Harrison and Pattie Boyd 2

We’re going back in time for this one, to my personal favorite Beatle, George Harrison, and his one-time model wife Pattie Boyd. They perfectly embraced the best looks of the 60s and 70s. Miles and Suki would kill for their mod outfits in that first picture, while I can see Liam Gallagher recreating George’s second jacket for the Pretty Green label.

Victoria and David Beckham

Posh and Becks Posh and Becks 2

Who would have thought that a member of the Spice Girls would one day spawn a highly successful — and tasteful! — fashion line. Victoria Beckham always looks flawless, especially when wearing a chic dress from her own collection. And her footballer/model husband David highlights his best assets in properly tailored suits. Posh and Becks have become so refined!

Damon Albarn and Justine Frischmann

1996 Cannes Film Festival Damon Albarn and Justine Frischmann 2

Britpop power couple Damon Albarn and Justine Frischmann, from Blur and Elastica respectively, get a spot on the fashionable list purely for attitude. Their fashion choices weren’t anything special, but did reflect the carefree attitude of the 90s and Britpop itself. The just-rolled-out-of-bed, messy hair, slightly hungover look is fierce when done right. And these two did it perfectly.

So what do you think? Did we miss any couples that would make your list?