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Dress for the Beat with These Cool Looks – And Win a Jacket!

We feature a lot of stories about fashion on Britpop News. Music and fashion tend to go hand in hand, especially with Britpop – a genre that is about attitude almost as much as it is about sound. It’s a lifestyle; a real subculture. Think of the biggest names in Britpop past and present. They tend to also be style icons. The Beatles went through too many styles to even mention, from the smart suits and shaggy hair of the 60s to their earthy, psychedelic airs of the 70s. In the late 80s/early 90s, The Stone Roses and their peers set a new style with baggy jeans, fishing hats, and cool trainers. Fast forward to Oasis and Blur and their track jackets and nods to Mod style. And today, Liam Gallagher has his own fashion line and Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys evolves his style every few years (most recently honing in on his teddy boy look).

Mod, psychedelic, baggy, scooter, teddy boy, hipster – whatever subculture you attach to your Britpop, dressing the part can be important. It can also be difficult to find the clothing to match the look you want. There are boutique store, thrift shops, and the occasional find in big box stores, but more often than not online shopping is the answer.

adaptor logo If you haven’t before, check out Adaptor Clothing (, an online and brick and mortar clothier run by a team of dedicated enthusiasts – passionate about mod, scooterist, skinhead and rudeboy apparel, along with the music and culture that goes with it. They have awesome brands for mods, skinheads, rudeboys, and scooterists: big names like Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Lambretta, Converse as well as newer brands that pay homage to the styles we all love. They even have their own line of classic pieces, like this smart Harrington jacket. Its fine quality and timeless style make this a must-have for any Britpop fella’s wardrobe. I especially love the tartan lining. Pair it with denim and trainers for a classic Noel Gallagher look.

Because cooler weather is coming up, we’ve chosen this item from Adaptor Clothing to feature as a giveaway on Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, tweet @britpopnews saying what Britpop fashion means to you and use #DressForTheBeat for chance to win your very own navy Harrington jacket. Or go to our Facebook page and comment on our giveaway post for another chance to win. We have two jackets to give away, so entering twice will double your odds of winning!

harrington jacket














harrington jacket














Pretty sharp, right? We’ll run the contest for a week and then choose two winners! Good luck.

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