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Do You Like “World Is Not Set In Stone” By Beady Eye?

Promo of Beady EyeLast year we reported on a new Beady Eye song “World Is Not Set In Stone” and since that terrible recording I’ve managed to find a few other recordings of it. Also, time has passed and sometimes that initial rush of enjoyment of a song might fade and reveal what we really think.


First listen to a better version of the song from their Parr Hall gig:

“The World Is Not Set In Stone” does have that “hey judeish” (or going blank again era Ride) structure though it is missing that gigantic chorus hook we’ve come to expect. What I’m saying is there’s no “sing it out loud” then a series of ” na na na na’s” in this song. Did we see a development in Beady Eye’s sound? I would say Oasis and it’s sound had evolved into something, and Beady Eye was a natural continuation of that, but this is a change. Is it good or bad? I don’t really know, nor really care. It’s not that deep to me, but it something I did notice.

So what do you think? Do you still like it?


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