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Do you like Madness by Muse?

At the risk of pissing off the entirety of the queen’s glorious society I’m going to start a discussion on the new Muse song called Madness. Speaking out against Muse pretty much leads to the spanish inquisition so I’m going to tread lightly.

To put it mildly and based upon anecdotal evidence from youtube comments see: the cesspool of humanity’s vocal platform – this song is a gigantic clusterfuck of opinions from fans. They range from either pure hatred to absolute hatred. I’m kidding. There are some people who like this.

To me this song reeks of Muse’s asses being kissed for too long. A camp full of yes man’s saying everything you do is golden. Think essentially the comic book version of an evil villain. Let me explain further. This has happened to countless bands prior to Muse; bands getting ultra successful then putting out questionable songs. Radiohead lamented on this fact and out came Kid-A a wonderful album. Coldplay bought it hook, line, and sTinker. Oasis took all the coke the villains were giving. The Stone Roses were fleeced and ran away. Then there’s Paul Weller and …the style council. EEsh.  All of those bands are fine so please don’t read that as me saying Muse is bad – i’m not fan to be totally honest – it is to say that most every single band in the history of time when they reached a certain height stared down the machine and the machine either stared back or they jumped in. They had a choice to either join or be eaten alive by it in some weird manner. Or a drug overdose. That too.

So when does the bitching end and where does this goddamn review begin??

Muse song Madness single Cover

Lets start and end with this song is essentially Faith by George Michael. I rest my case. Need more? Ok. This is not the kid from Arrested Development Michael Cera; it’s the singer who was driven by a stupid society afraid of anyone liking the opposite sex so that they resort going to a bathroom to find sex. But you knew that already didn’t you? I’m not advocating Faith to be a bad song I just don’t understand why a band like Muse would suddenly move out of their “we’re not coldplay, but we like Radiohead just as much them and have an edge” zone they lived in so well. Oh and rush and queen. They like them too, obviously. no duh.

Maybe it’s the twilight association? Possibly not. That’s too easy of a target and I don’t like easy targets. They’re too easy. If you know what I mean. So why does this song stink for me? I , quite frankly: don’t know. I just don’t.

You may like this and you’re entitled to that by all means. You can hate the way I view it and that’s ok too. I understand that there is also a lot of positive sentiment going on about this song so you can disagree with me because in music just like in life opinions are subjective. You may be a fan regardless – like I am with The Stone Roses, but I’m not buying. You can though. Enjoy it!

If you would like to buy the song  Madness you can here on amazon.