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Do You Know How Much Liam Gallagher Is Worth?

Bit of a non-news story here. Liam Gallagher’s net worth was something I was just thinking up and wanted to know the answer, so in case you wanted to know here’s what I found. Oh and also Noel Gallagher’s too. Kind of.

In a 2007 interview Liam admitted he was worth 14 million. Here’s the exact quote “At the last count, I’ve got 14 million quid in the bank account – that keeps me interested.”

Another article said that in 2011 he made 50 million. No mention of it being in US. If it is – I don’t think it is – that’s quite a jump? To be really honest this is also often quoted as his worth on various other stupid “celebrity net worth” websites, AND  it would seem many people link to those as gospel truth as 50 million being the actual worth.  Take that as you will.

To me the problem is that in this story, and other places I’m too lazy to link to, Liam Gallagher’s net worth is tied to Noel’s, and thats at: 63 million. With Noel taking the lion’s share of song writing credits his own value should be on the higher side of that, so that’s not a 50/50 split, obviously. There’s also the famous “I want more” video where Noel says he has 87 million pounds in the bank

To sum up what I found out is: we really have no idea except for a range of 14 million quid to possibly 50 million. Given a guy with an enormous coke habit I’d probably err on the side of less than, but Pretty Green seems to be doing really well, he’s written a lot of good tunes, AND he’s kept it really together over the years.

The coke habit was probably more for marketing than anything else.


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