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Do artists need apps?

There is no question that social media is the way to connect with fans if you are an artist. Social media is what everyone uses for promotion. However, an artist needs an app to connect with a dedicated fan base and sell their tracks. Here are just a few of the advantages of using apps such as iTunes, Spotify, and more.

Music when and where fans want It

The modern music fan demands easy and convenient access to music. With a music app, a fan has the ability to access music whenever and wherever they want. Some apps will download tracks for play even when internet access is not available. Easy access to music also means that fans will listen to more music in a variety of locations.

Easy track releases and 24/7 sales

Releasing new songs is simple with apps. In fact, a track can be uploaded and the required information inputted in minutes. Since songs can be purchased almost anywhere in the world around the clock, artists can reach a wide demographic, resulting in more sales on a global scale.

Access to songs and tour dates immediately upon release

Fans want to be appreciated, so what better way to do just that than by giving them the inside track when songs and albums are released? Sending links to where songs and CDs can be purchased digitally makes buying tracks easier than ever.

Finding new listeners

Apps such as Pandora, Spotify and other services that provide radio and on-demand streaming of songs can create many lucrative opportunities. Potential fans can hear music on internet radio or when exploring generally. This means more royalties and getting music out to a lot of people that might not ever hear it otherwise. If a potential fan is paying a monthly fee, then seeing what different music sounds like is not risky because they are not required to make a further financial investment.

Social media

Getting fans to download and use an app is often as simple as letting fans know that music is available on specific apps. This is best accomplished via social media such as an artist Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or email lists. Since the advent of digital media, more and more fans get their music in a digital format. At this point, CDs are relics that get used by only a small demographic on a regular basis. YouTube can be an excellent way to get music videos and messages to fans as well.

Custom apps

If an artist really wants to stand out from the competition, a custom app might be the solution.   Affordable mobile app development is easier than ever to find. Many artists use a variety of music apps in combination with their own custom app to help keep the most dedicated fans connected to them.

Encouraging creativity

Apps help make affordable marketing and sales venues a reality for many artists. This has helped level the playing field in the music industry so that independent artists can compete and make a living doing their passion. Without apps, marketing music can be very difficult if not impossible in today’s digital age.