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Did You Ever Hear The REALLY Early Noel Gallagher Demos?

These tapes appeared in 1998 from a Christie’s auction and it took about…7 years…for these to appear again. On Youtube of course. Unless you were a ultra bootlegger I guess? I’m sure someone can point out some website as having it. I don’t remember it.

For what it’s worth I remember having some 30 second clip of one track but it was in real audio (remember that program, eeek!) and you couldn’t really tell if it was in fact Noel. There was always some debate surrounding it. Now listening to these demo’s it’s very apparent it is Noel singing. I really understand it’s 1989 and Noel would probably never fess to it, but I’d love to know the backstory behind these demo’s. They’re soooooooooooo Smiths sounding. Case in point this song.

What’s been going on

I really don’t care. Do you? But, you have to say that it’s really quite great forthe man’s early/first demo’s.

Here’s another called “hey you”.

And another called “You gotta have fun”.

I guess I’d just love to hear him talk about where he came from, from THIS point.