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Did You Buy The New My Bloody Valentine Album?

Yes, that band that disappeared around the time The Stone Roses did “My Bloody Valentine” have finally released an album. Except you can’t buy it anywhere but their website.

And that website crashed.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 9.39.37 PMSo did you get a chance to buy it before their website went kaputski? Honestly, this is a rather silly ide,a but also a neat one. It’s neat because amazon and itunes are really the only places left to buy music apart from the local shops that have a fairly loyal audience. I dig those shops but we need to call things as they are now. No point in lamenting the loss of HMV or any other place whose exact business model was to drive out those small businesses. We get a lot of options and our getting screwed is only going to take a slightly gentle/less time than what the record companies of the 90’s did to us.  Sucks about people losing jobs though.

The other side is that this is rather silly. You’ve got a website that is all of a sudden going to go through the bandwidth – even on a slightly lower than normal day – that will require the bandwidth that top 100 sites in the world require. I’m going to guess that MBV didn’t exactly ramp up a spot in a server farm and like us go through some provider whose server load contains multiple websites on it, but hey,  mad props for trying. Taking bets on The Stone Roses doing exactly the same thing right now.

The follow up album to 1991’s Loveless is called “MBV” and the tracklisting is as follows.

‘she found now’
‘only tomorrow’
‘who sees you’
‘is this and yes’
‘if i am’
‘new you’
‘in another way’
‘nothing is’
‘wonder 2’

It can be purchased here