Pretty Green

Derek – Series 2

I was never a huge fan of Gervais. The Office was undeniable genius but everything after that seemed to be a pale pastiche of his previous character. His stand up I could take or leave, moments of unique hilarity ruined by unnecessary crassness. So when I heard he was going to play a man with special needs working in and old peoples home it just made my flesh crawl. How wrong could I have been.
Series one left me an absolute blubbing mess.

Dereks condition is never formally touched upon, yet you know him inside out. His heart as big as his smile. His positivity and beautiful naivety almost radiates through the TV. And all this conjured by a man who, let’s be honest, has never exuded a single heartfelt sentiment or indeed, made me believe that he is even capable of such empathy in anything he has ever done. Hats off.
The reunion with his father at the end of the last series left this series wide open, and sees him moving into Broad Hill nursing home in episode one. The journey for Derek and his father is bound to be a moving one, with his father already putting steps into place for making up for lost time,

Gervais aside, the parts that make up the sum of this programme are magnificent. Karl Pilkngton (Dougie), Kerry Godliman (Hannah) and David Earl (Kev) all as integral to the series one another. Despite claims that Pilkingtons role wasn’t really essential to the series, I cant imagine this series without him and his bitter ramblings. Although it seems that that may just be the case.
Will Kev stay sober? Will Hannah fall pregnant? Will there be anymore songs about lady parts? I don’t know but I have fallen in love with the series all over again.