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Damon Albarn Is Turning Into George Lucas Or Worse, Sting?

World Music UGH. I’m reading more and more about Damon’s new direction and it has me wondering if there is anyone in his camp saying to him are you REALLY sure you want to do this?

I’m a fan of the Elizabethian area. Well…as much as someone who reads books romanticizes the times without actually living in them. I love the perfectly kept Castles and Palaces and I guess the huge hairstyles too. But to write about that age makes me wonder if he will really write about that age. I’m meaning that in those times there were not even proper toilets. Imagine that.

Despite it’s pomp today the Kings and Queens at Versailles crapped in the hallways we walked through on our vacation with the kids. They puked on those million dollar vases we oogle. Even up until 500 years ago people actually thought not bathing would prevent you from diseases. For example it was suggested that Queen Elizabeth took a bath once a MONTH. Imagine that. Now Imagine child birth. Then imagine being a woman having to give child birth 7 or 8 times with multiple miscarriages because noone knew what the heck we were doing. You know that steak? Well it sat for days with flies and all manner of disturbing on it. Awful.

So Damon are you going to write about that era or are you going to write about this magical whimsical view we have as tourists? I love the magical view so if you went that route I’d probably not be too upset. Then again this is an opera, or worse some brand of “world music” we’re talking about. I totally pegged you writing opera’s too. And good ones no doubt. There are people who train their entire lives just to break into writing stuff like that and you think because you wrote the universal that you can? Sure, why not. I’m not thinking you need to stick to guitar’s for your life, but there are some things you just don’t need to mess with because you can. Like George Lucas and Star Wars. And Sting…with anything really. To me it seems to me as if there is no one turning to Damon and saying “are you SURE you really want to make that?”. Take a few years off dude. You’ve earned it.

So what do you think? Do you think Damon will revisit Parklife and “change” things like i’m fearing. Or do you think he’ll come out with a new duet starring Enya making dub-step?