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‘Colours’: Suede vs. Blur

Last week, we compared two extremely popular Britpop songs that share the same name. Cast and Supergrass went head to head, but Cast’s ‘Alright’ slightly edged out Supergrass. There are plenty more overlapping song titles, so let’s compare another pair. This week is the battle of the late-career b-sides. ‘Colours’ is the title of both a Suede and a Blur b-side. Which do you prefer?


‘Colours’ is a b-side stemming from A New Morning-era Suede. It was released in 2002 on the DVD format of the ‘Positivity’ single. While it is definitely a sweet love song, this optimistic bit of pop seems incongruous with every song they had ever written before this album.


Blur’s ‘Colours’ was released as a fanclub single in 2003. It’s a bit dirty and dreamy compared to Suede’s brightly polished pop tune. Both songs are kind of sweet, but Blur’s retains a much more characteristic sound.

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