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Classic jewelry for summer

Big, flashy jewelry may be a great option for a formal event or your great aunt, but when it comes to summer, less is more. Stick with a more casual selection that you can wear from day to night and will go with most outfits so you can spend less time deciding on what to wear, and more outside with friends and family in the sunshine.

There are a few routes you can go to find jewelry that’s a good fit for you. First, you want to figure out which tones match best with your coloring and face shape. You can check this handy guide to determine what your ideal choice would be. These recommendations are just a guideline however, and you should look for what you like best, as jewelry is a great way to show off your personality and express yourself.

When actually finding where to get your jewelry a big indicator will be the price. While you can find many very cheap, costume jewelry options, they may not be good quality and can break very easily. If you are looking for more classic, simple pieces, it could be an idea to invest in something that will last you a lifetime, instead of having to buy a new one each year. Instead of going out to your local Tiffany’s shop, there are lots of other great options to get quality pieces on a budget.

One option would be to check out local vintage or second hand shops. You may come across a unique, one of a kind piece that has a real life story behind it. Another option could be to look at online second hand shops. This one, for example, you can find chanel second hand, like this really interesting necklace with pendants.


Another option would be to check out handmade craft fair or websites. Head to your local markets to see what you can find! This is not only a good option because you can get a unique piece, but you can also give back to the local community and support local artists. Also check out websites that sell handmade items like Etsy where you can find these personalized handwriting pieces.

Ebay is also the perfect place to get great deals on used high quality pieces. You can search through a database of thousands of pieces and come out with something that is unique and high quality such as this vintage tiffany bracelet.


If you’re feeling particularly ambitious you can also try to make you own jewelry from a variety of materials. You can find great inspiration here, for example.