Pretty Green

Check Out This Awesome Ladies And Gentlemen live Video

Now that’s the good shit.

For a man who has been strung out for over a decade he’s somehow managed to keep it all together. Tell me how is that possible when it’s notorious that junkies cant string together a sentence let alone an album and subsequent world tour while doing interviews and promo’s. And then there is a man like myself who has been clean – at least compared to Jason Pierce – I’ve managed to make a blog. and. another blog. Maybe I set my bar too low. Or maybe I just ran into the bar and now here I am.

Tip for maximizing this song’s effect: At around 3-4am on a total bender just when it’s getting light out put this on and think about the room spinning as you spin off into dream land.

Tip for minimizing the wake up effect: shit if I know! Tell me how you recover from a hangover and I’ll make us a million dollars.