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‘Butterfly’: Supergrass vs. Mansun vs. The Verve vs. Shack

‘Butterfly’: Supergrass vs. Mansun vs. The Verve vs. Shack

Wow! Four, count ’em, FOUR Britpop bands released songs called ‘Butterfly’! Is Britain a land of lepidopterists? Are they all obsessed with the excellent William Wyler film, The Collector? Well, let’s give a listen to the four butterflies to see what they’re all about. Supergrass – Butterfly This is the final track on their last […]

‘On Your Own’: Blur vs. The Verve

Blur – On Your Own ‘On Your Own’ can be found on Blur’s 1997 album, Blur. The vocals for this song were recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland. Their promo video for the song (above) is spectacularly ridiculous with Damon ‘There’s Always Been A Hip-Hop Element To My Trousers’ Albarn bounding about like an urban gorilla in […]

‘Blue’: Elastica vs. The Verve vs. Monaco

Elastica – Blue The quintessential Britpop girls (and Justin Welch) explode with another punchy, angular post-punk blast of noise. It’s pretty, it’s dirty, it’s Elastica. VS. The Verve – Blue Wigan-based The verve have cornered the market on hazy, slightly mystic soundscapes. And this song is classic Verve. ‘Blue’ was the first single from their […]

The Verve Album Review: A Northern Soul

Written and recorded while on ecstasy, 1995’s A Northern Soul is the unrelenting rock follow-up to The Verve’s hazy psychedelic A Storm in Heaven. Richard Ashcroft has a face that even a mother would say “you’ve got mostly your father in ya” so he wouldn’t grace the mags as often as sexy Jarvis Cocker or […]

forth album cover the verve

The Verve Album Review: Forth

Describing the power and beauty created when Richard Ashcroft’s song-writing and vocal talents combine with guitar maestro Nick McCabe’s galaxy-spinning magic is almost as futile as predicting if and when The Verve will reform. By 1999, only six years after The Verve’s first album had been released, the band had split for the second time. […]