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100 Great Albums Of The 90’s From the UK

100 Great Albums Of The 90’s From the UK

We’re running through a list of 100 great albums from bands in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland that came out in the 90’s. Click the numbers below to skip ahead or back. There’s no top album. (A-C)  (D-L)  (M-O)  (P-R)   (S-T)   (U-Z)  

Top Britpop Albums Of 2012

Miles Kane – First Of My Kind EP: Lord Curduroy Review: The lead song bodes well for Miles second album, but what was he thinking with a Tom Jones cover? It’s dreadful. Night Runner with it’s simple lyrics, and poor mixing is a song better left for the dustbin of Miles otherwise great stable of songs. […]

Top 25 Britpop Albums 25-20

Starting this list was easy. Stopping at 25 was the hardest thing I’ve done all week. And lets be frank here: I’ve done some hard things this week. (THATS WHAT SHE SAID). With that said it’s hard to really rank albums because of it’s subjectivity, and not to mention band’s fans ego’s getting hurt if […]