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Watch Suede’s New Video ‘For The Strangers’

Watch Suede’s New Video ‘For The Strangers’

Suede debuted a black and white concert video promoting their new single, ‘For The Strangers,’ at their Live By The Lake gig last Friday, August 23. The video is now available to view online. Though live music videos are not an original concept, producer Ben Lankester’s video features footage, taken from Suede’s triumphant comeback gig […]

‘Duchess’: Suede vs. Mansun vs. the Stranglers

Suede – Duchess ‘Duchess’ is a b-side from Suede’s thirteenth single, ‘Filmstar,’ released 11 August 1997. Singer Brett Anderson has listed this song amongst his least favorite Suede songs, but do you agree? The song opens with a ticking bass line and Anderson’s vocals pipe in as if emanating from a claustrophobic vacuum. Its minimalistic […]

Britpop Supergroup: Chaz Chance and the Prophets

It was recently revealed that the all-star jam session that Suede bassist Mat Osman tweeted about last month was actually a rehearsal for a fictional glam band appearing in a forthcoming television show. The supergroup is known as Chaz Chance and the Prophets, and the quartet are expected to contribute three tracks for the new […]

‘Breakdown’ – Suede vs. Darktown Jubilee

‘Breakdown’ is a typically brooding number off of Suede’s brilliant debut. Like most of their songs, it’s atmospheric and aristocratic, building to a powerful crescendo. Does your love only come in a Volvo? VS Darktown Jubilee are a Manchester-based band formed in 2010. Their sound is more influenced by post-Britpop, with distinct shades of Coldplay […]

‘Still Life’: Suede vs. The Horrors

Our similarly named song toss-up today is an exciting one: ‘Still Life’ by Suede and/or The Horrors. Both songs are spectacular, but results may come down to whether one prefers classic or newer British rock. Suede – Still Life Brett Anderson’s haunting ‘Still Life’ is the coda of Suede’s second album, Dog Man Star. Brett […]

Suede Singles Retrospective

Suede are the progenitors of Britpop; they kickstarted the renaissance of British music, effectively usurping more popular American acts. Their first single, ‘The Drowners,’ was released in May 1992. Before they even released that single, Select famously flaunted their new rentboy, Brett Anderson, on the cover as the new face of Britain. Hype from that […]

Watch Suede’s New Video For ‘Hit Me’

Suede’s third video from their latest album, Bloodsports, debuted today. ‘Hit Me’ takes its cue from Art Brut’s signature song: ‘modern art makes me want to rock out.’ A couple gets to know each other through wanton acts of vandalism in an art museum. Superfluous moustaches and Hitler defacements abound. Destruction of the modern art […]

Watch Suede’s Mercury Prize 2013 Sessions

Suede’s special Mercury Prize session was broadcast on UK’s Channel 4 on Wednesday. Their performances included three songs, two from their latest album, Bloodsports. ‘Barriers’ and ‘It Starts And Ends With You’ kept the crowd energized, but the real treat was their classic ‘Animal Nitrate.’ The video below features the three songs and is laced […]