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Pulp Album Review: Freaks

Pulp Album Review: Freaks

The second album by Pulp, Freaks, is darker and less optimistic than their folksy debut, It. You can hardly tell that it’s the same band. This is due in part to the a massive personnel change, leaving Jarvis Cocker as the only consistent thread. Freaks sees the addition of Russell Senior (guitar, violin) and Candida […]

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Pulp Album Review: It

Every self-respecting Britpop fan knows (and probably loves) the band Pulp. Jarvis Cocker and company have released some of the most important and revered songs of the genre. But how many have heard Pulp’s first studio album, It? First released on a limited run in 1983, It (get it… “pulpit”)is very different from the Pulp […]

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Le Pop Anglais: 8 Moments In Francophilia

Many English songwriters have realized that the best way to strengthen international relations is to enter into a musical alliance. The obsession with all things Gallic is shared by many top Britpop bands, who have sought to add a little je ne sais quoi to the glitz of their pop song perfection.  The language of […]