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Watch Pulp’s Full Set From Reading 2011

Watch Pulp’s Full Set From Reading 2011

Festival season is upon us, and with Glastonbury’s thirty-first year now the stuff of myth, perhaps it would be a good time to time travel to past concerts. To start, here is Pulp headlining the Main Stage at Reading on 27 August 2011 (exactly seventeen years after their first Reading appearance in 1994). This is, […]

B-Side Yourself: Pulp – His ‘N’ Hers

His N Hers somehow didn’t make it onto the album of the same name but was rather stuck at the end of the Sisters EP which served as the ‘Babies’ B-side. The song, which stretches on for six minutes, has all the synthy bounce of Babies mixed with the coy, tragically glamourous sex appeal of […]

Pulp Separations album cover

Pulp Album Review: Separations

When Pulp released their third album Separations in 1992, they brought forward a sound closer to what would eventually be their signature – pop dance tunes with a hint of campy sex appeal. Split into two “sides,” the first features more traditionally arranged pop songs, a mix of the macabre flair of Freaks and the […]