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Miniskirt revival – 5 skirts to kick start your winter wardrobe

Miniskirt revival – 5 skirts to kick start your winter wardrobe

As winter looms and the great British summertime grinds to a shuddering halt, never has the mod staple – the polo neck and mini, been a more welcome revival. Never really going out of fashion for the most part, catwalks have been gushing with revived love for the mod culture since the start of the […]

Your Chance to Be Part of a Ground-Breaking Fashion Campaign With K-Swiss

As readers of this site, you likely have some interest in fashion. We’ve written many times before about how important style was (and still is) to the Britpop genre. Not just clothing, but attitude. It’s all about self-expression, whether you choose the laid-back cool of Noel Gallagher or mod-revival dandy of Miles Kane or 90s rocker […]

Mod Monday: Mod on a Budget

[Show as slideshow] We all know money can be tight sometimes, but don’t let that keep you from looking fab-u-lous. It’s a fact that all women love to look great and naturally love a bargain. Luckily for you reading this, I’ve done the heavy lifting (or heavy typing) and scoured the web for some snazzy, […]

Mod Monday: Bright and Bold

The winter has me feeling gloomy, so I’m trying to incorporate some more color into my wardrobe. A little bit of color therapy, if you will. Jamie has gone pretty full on crazy with Pretty Green – mostly due to their boxing day, or post christmas – however you view such things, sale. I believe […]

Mod Monday: Mod at Work 2

Recently I posted a retro-inspired outfit that was stylish and still appropriate for work. I’ll admit this idea was somewhat borne out of selfishness as I sometimes need to dress up a bit to meet with clients. Here’s another outfit that would look professional during the day, and hip enough for happy hour. Best Ben-Day […]

Mod Monday: Mod at Work

For those of us with professional careers, there’s no need to forego mod stylings at work. Save the loud patterns and colors for the weekend and instead opt for clean lines and HR-approved skirt lengths. Here’s a look I find stylish as well as office-appropriate. Foxtail Fern Dress in Leaf from ModCloth Found My Way […]

Mod Monday: Formal Attire

Britpop gals aren’t always found on the dance floor or record shopping. Sometimes we find ourselves in formal situations like weddings, professional award ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, and such. This doesn’t mean we have to wear generic attire – it’s possible to pull off a chic mod look on elegant evenings. Choose this sophisticated navy and […]

Mod Monday: Yellow A-line Skirt

I love this curry-colored skirt with buttons down the front, especially paired with a schoolgirl blouse. Paired with over-the-knee socks and loafers, this is a cute combination of bookish charm meets subtle sexiness. Billow the Decks Top from ModCloth – $34.99 from: ModCloth Curry Your Enthusiasm Skirt from ModCloth – $32.99 from: ModCloth A Leg […]