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Kenickie Britpop

Britpop Style File: Kenickie

Britpop Style File: Kenickie

These days, Lauren Laverne is famous for her work as a BBC TV presenter. In the ’90s, she fronted Kenickie. Kenickie combined the best elements of Elastica’s punk rock attitude, the Manic Street Preachers’ glam sensibilities and the Spice Girls’ “girl power” message. Lauren along with Emmy Kate Montrose and Marie du Santiago developed their […]

Justine Elastica

Britpop Style File: Justine Frischmann

Justine Frischmann is probably the coolest woman that has ever walked the earth. After splitting from Suede, she fronted her own band Elastica. She rocked a fringe haircut almost as well as her ex-boyfriend Brett Anderson was rarely seen without her trademark Telecaster guitar or a pair of Doc Martens. Justine usually dressed like a […]

Miki Emma Lush

Britpop Style File: Miki & Emma of Lush

Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson of Lush were ’90s style icons. They favored black tights, chunky heels, and mini dresses. They were also two of the coolest women in rock fronting the shoegaze-gone-Britpop group Lush. I took to ModCloth to find some clothes that will allow you to fashion yourself after Miki and Emma in […]