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Let’s Take a Moment to Remember When Coldplay Were Great

Let’s Take a Moment to Remember When Coldplay Were Great

Coldplay gets a lot of abuse from former fans for becoming too mainstream, or for becoming too conceptual and less enjoyable, or for Chris Martin becoming too Bono-like. I don’t know what Mylo Xyloto means, and I don’t care to, but I guess it’s supposed to be some kind of rock opera. Ok, fair enough. But let’s […]

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Is This the Worst Muse Video Yet?

Muse have released the video for their new single, “Follow Me,” taken from the album The 2nd Law. For some reason they went the way of “Resistance” from the last album and compiled live footage for the video. “Live” music videos set to the album track are always boring. With as much money the band […]

Top 10 New Order Songs 10-6

  Top 10 New Order Songs 10-6 10. Crystal – Get Ready (2001) Ok, throwing them a bone. While their albums from the 2000s weren’t as remarkable as earlier work, this song captured that bombastic pop sound of the early aughts before everything (including music) went to shit. 9. Regret – Republic (1993) A little cleaner in sound as […]

Top 10 New Order Songs 5-1

The Top 5 New Order Songs 5. Age of Consent – Power, Corruption & Lies (1983) Another song that has it all –jangly guitars, uber ‘80s synthesizers, a driving bassline.Infectious and dancey. At least this one isn’t depressing, right? Just ignore that final repetition of “I’ve lost you, I’ve lost you, I’ve lost you…” 4. Temptation ’87 […]