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TV Mums!

TV Mums!

Game of Thrones is about to reappear on our Teles and I’ve been devouring any news. Mostly i’d love to see George get on with his next books but news is news and I’ll check about anything out surrounding the series. That’s where I found this info graphic, and I’m a sucker for info graphics, […]

Derek – Series 2

I was never a huge fan of Gervais. The Office was undeniable genius but everything after that seemed to be a pale pastiche of his previous character. His stand up I could take or leave, moments of unique hilarity ruined by unnecessary crassness. So when I heard he was going to play a man with […]

Alan Partridge – The best bits

How do you chose between 12 episodes of televisual genius? I have gone for a slightly abstract approach to my selections: episodes that are the most quoted in our house or that we draw reference to most frequently in day to day life. A mission in itself giving the catalogue of one liners and anecdotes […]

jarvis cocker reading a book

News In Pictures: Texts from Jarvis Cocker

Now that the new IOS is here I felt it right to release these hilarious texts I received from a not so real Jarvo Cocker. This is intended as satire and are not actual texts from Jarvis cocker. Text conversations are inspired from Lyrics created by Jarvis Cocker through songs published by Rough Trade and […]