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Manchester – 3 bars you must visit!

1 – Port Street Beer House – I have barely dropped off my luggage before I am hot footing it to this place. A right of passage for me and the husband and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Port Street Beer House is a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ affair. Tucked away in the […]

Mod shoes – This summers guide to loafing

There’s a huge question mark over the loafer, retro or rubbish? Cutting edge or over the top? Whatever camp you fall into, the loafer has been, well, loafing for decades. From the Small Faces to Madness. Weller to Gallagher. The notable style has always been championed but never more in the mainstream than now. The […]

Derek – Series 2

I was never a huge fan of Gervais. The Office was undeniable genius but everything after that seemed to be a pale pastiche of his previous character. His stand up I could take or leave, moments of unique hilarity ruined by unnecessary crassness. So when I heard he was going to play a man with […]

Alan Partridge – The best bits

How do you chose between 12 episodes of televisual genius? I have gone for a slightly abstract approach to my selections: episodes that are the most quoted in our house or that we draw reference to most frequently in day to day life. A mission in itself giving the catalogue of one liners and anecdotes […]

Shed Seven – Northampton Roadmender

As the rumour mill gathers pace about various Britpop reunions for the forthcoming year, a brief revival took place right here in Northampton on Monday night as the Roadmender welcomed back 90’s Britpop stalwarts, Shed Seven. Backed up by the mighty Mark Morriss (Bluetones) it was an unexpected treat to have the wonderfully talented and […]

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Britpop Revival 2014 – Who do you want to see?

And so it is nearly upon us, the anniversary of the year that every man and most women in their mid-thirties hail as THE year. The year that, when we talk to our children about what it was like growing up, we immediately draw reference to 1994. When teenagers talk about how amazing it is […]

Interview with Northern Uproar.

Leon Meya told his career officer, he was going to be in a band and he was going to be on Top Of The Pops. One year later and at the tender age of 16, he had done it. As the British music scene gained full momentum in the mid 90’s, Northern Uproar were catapulted […]

Interview with Clint Boon – North & South

On the corner of King St, Manchester a nondescript building stands. An amalgamation of brick and metal that to the untrained eye goes unnoticed, but to some every Saturday night, this is home. A project inspired by ex Hacienda promo man Paul Cons, South opened its doors 17 years ago. Glimpses of its creator’s club […]

Jersey Budd – Life and Music

Fresh off the back of the Strawberry Fields Festival last month, Jersey Budd is excited about the future. It’s been a good year for the Countesthorpe singer/songwriter, some pivotal gigs under his belt, new album in the offing and recently becoming a father to his daughter, Isla. From playing his first gig at the Tom […]

The Stone Roses Bar – Leeds

STONE ROSES BAR – LEEDS Britpop’s glory years seem so long ago now. For those of us that still live in the bubble of the mid nineties, a night on the town can be a somewhat tawdry affair. Saturday nights spent in bars that, quite frankly, are way too shiny and sparkly for the likes […]