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Shed Seven Singles Retrospective

Shed Seven Singles Retrospective

I decided to go over  these Shed Seven songs in some kind of  “ranking” method then I realized I’m really just saying which songs I like more than the other. So it’s not an indication of any of them being bad quality. However, when going over them you do have to judge them with a […]

Jake bugg in an alley

Jake Bugg Album Review: Jake Bugg

This guy is getting crazy press from all the right folks and that is to say from Noel Gallagher.  There is probably no other person to get better press from in the UK music rock arena. You’ve possibly heard one of Jake’s songs before in Lightning Bolt heard below. Before I talk about the song […]

Cast Album Review: Troubled Times

Do you remember the band called Cast? Of course you do. Alright was played EVERYWHERE. And you have to know who John Power is, right? He was the bassist in the perpetually maligned band The La’s. If you don’t know that’s ok though! Cast was a band that brought a brand of British Folk and […]