Pretty Green

Cast Singles Retrospective

I’ve been following these guys for years and my favorite story about Cast is how I freaking misspelled the lead singers name for 9/10th’s of those years. “John Powers” instead of “John Power”. Laugh all you want, but it’s the truth. People make mistakes. Just like NME can on 9/10th’s of their reviews about Cast not being worth listening to. This is obviously just words on a “paper” and at the end of the day just some freelancer who was given money to say a few things after two listens. What I did with this retrospective was re-listen to all 14 songs for a full 8 hours after listening to them for years. I think if you don’t know Cast well then you might know them a little better and find some new songs to check out. We’re 5 albums in and they’re still going strong.

See That Girl

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I struggle with this song. Mostly because I like it so much but I can't shake some kind of chord/guitar progression that sounds a bit like The La's "there she goes". You can watch a video the song here: