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Cast Singles Retrospective

I’ve been following these guys for years and my favorite story about Cast is how I freaking misspelled the lead singers name for 9/10th’s of those years. “John Powers” instead of “John Power”. Laugh all you want, but it’s the truth. People make mistakes. Just like NME can on 9/10th’s of their reviews about Cast not being worth listening to. This is obviously just words on a “paper” and at the end of the day just some freelancer who was given money to say a few things after two listens. What I did with this retrospective was re-listen to all 14 songs for a full 8 hours after listening to them for years. I think if you don’t know Cast well then you might know them a little better and find some new songs to check out. We’re 5 albums in and they’re still going strong.


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The quintessential "Cast" song in my book. It's so brilliantly cocky, self assured, and positive that I can't take it. The music is there, the lyrics are bang on and the guitars sound clean and just the right mix of distortion. It's "britpop" in the most perfect way. An ultra massive hit that catapulted Cast to fame almost globally. My favorite memory is hearing it in a department store 8 years after the release. I hope John Power and co. sold the rights to those people for insane amounts of cash. You can watch a video of it here: